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Using the wrong charger or not following proper charging techniques can lead to various issues and potential risks. Here are some reasons why getting the charger right is important.

Our boat’s batteries can be charged by solar panels, by the boat’s engine(s), or by a shore power connected battery charger. Today we will discuss that mysterious box that takes care of our often large investment in energy storage for domestic use, as well as keeping our engine starting battery ready for a fast getaway.

WHY a marine charger and not any old box of buttons from Lazada? Because the Negative (-) pole of your batteries is connected to most of the boat’s metal parts, including the propellers and drive units, any stray electric current leaking into the system will cause disastrous corrosion in underwater parts and perhaps to your neighbours’ boat parts as well. Marine chargers ensure high quality isolation between your mains input and the low voltage output that charges the batteries.

MARINE chargers often incorporate small computers or micro-controllers that are programmed to charge various battery types correctly in order to prolong their life. These chargers use sophisticated charging algorithms and techniques to ensure that the batteries are charged optimally, preventing overcharging or undercharging, which can lead to reduced battery performance or even damage.

CHARGERS are built with safety in mind. Boats are likely to contain pockets of corrosive, noxious and often flammable gases lurking under floors and in work and living spaces. A marine charger has ignition proof switching as well as overheat and short circuit protection to prevent the likelihood of an explosion or runaway heat source causing a fire.

Marine chargers are available with multiple outputs so they can recharge your depleted house bank, top up your engine battery and maintain your bow thruster batteries separately and all from one charger. Your provider can advise you on your ideal chargers capacity and whether a single or multiple output unit is best for you.

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