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If you’re planning a trip to some of our nearby islands, or cruising further out at sea, sailors and boat owners can be reassured that Ocean Marina Jomtien offers high-quality on-site refuelling facilities.

Petrol and Diesel

Fuel with confidence at Ocean Marina Jomtien

Whether you want 5 liters or 500,000 liters of fuel, Ocean Marina Jomtien has you covered. Our pumps dispense Benzine (unleaded fuel) and Diesel, and we can order anything from lube oils to Avgas.

For small amounts, we have our low flow pump, up to about 20,000 liters we have our high flow pump, and over 20,000 liters, we can bunker direct from the truck to the boat.

Our pumps are all fitted with filters, and the calibration of the pumps is regularly checked by the authorities.

7 days per week refuelling access

7 days per week, 8am to 5pm, easily accessible for all types of boats, our fuel berth is located on the north-eastern corner and sells both petrol and diesel seven days a week. Our fuel is carefully monitored for quality to ensure that you receive the best available.

Floating dock access

As well as our dedicated fuel berth, Ocean Marina Jomtien also offers boat standard flow and high-flow diesel bowsers on our floating docks, with the fuel filtered before being dispensed. Again, the Marina carefully monitors the fuel in stock to ensure the very best quality for our visitors.

Bulk Delivery

Complete Superyacht service

Jet fuel
Black water removal

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Dry Berths
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