Ocean Marina Jomtien


Day 1; Thailand Platu Round 2 Ocean Marina Jomtien it’s fantastic to have 7 boats on the start line. Racing or lack thereof got off to an AP ashore for an hour. The RC managed to get a race away in shifty breeze variable 200-180 at approx 5-7 knots.
The breeze came in steadily over the next hour and on the 3rd Race the fleet had up to 20 knots and there was plenty on.
The breeze backed off a little for the remaining 2 races for day but still there were snakes and ladders for each Team to take advantage of.
It’s tight at the top and good to see various winners throughout the day.
Unfortunately the wind Gods had a day off & there was no racing on Saturday, which is extremely rare.
There were a few Storm cells flowing from the South all morning with many lightening strikes within the race area.
The Race Teams waited patiently ashore & lived in hope that the Storm Cells would dissipate so the Sea Breeze could settle. The breeze did multiple 360’s and eventually died off & could not Start any meaningful Race, the AP/A was raised at 2pm.
Round 2 wrapped up this afternoon with Racing Starting on time due the determination of the RO. Light breeze for Races 6-8 @ 280-300 deg with variable 6-8knts before another front came through and killed the wind with some soothing rain to reduce the heat soak. After the front passed the 9th was started with a small shift that made it a quick Race. After trying to get the Double Points Race off the breeze decided it had enough and the days Racing was called.
Rolf Heemskerk ending up the Winner by a point to Easy Tiger Racing and close in 3rd was Ithinai Yingsiri with his Team Pine Pacific.
Well done all and great Racing.